Monday, 21 September 2015

18 September 2015

One of the highlights of the week was the Girls' Division Prizegiving Evening. This wonderful event was an opportunity to celebrate the girls' achievements. The guest speaker for the evening was TV's wildlife presented Michaela Strachan, who gave a fascinating and entertaining address about changing passions.

During the summer holidays, a group of twelve Year 10 girls travelled to Tanzania to help out at a school and two outreach centres run by the charity LivLife. This amazing adventure saw the girls teaching English and French to the children, painting murals, learning Swahili, and hiking 20 Km to reach Ikerim Outreach Centre. They also handed over the new laptop and PC projector to Natanywaki Lukumai, the Headteacher at the Meserani Education Centre, which the girls purchased following intensive fundraising last year.

The week began with the Year 12 pupils taking in the annual Volunteering Fair. More than ten external organisations filled the Arts Centre alongside representatives from the various volunteering opportunities in School to give pupils an idea of the variety of activities they can take part in. Pupils are encouraged to complete at least twenty hours of community service, though the vast majority do much more than this over the year, and the Fair gives them the chance to kick-start their volunteering journey.

Boys' Division pupils took part in their first SPACE Programme session of the year. SPACE sessions take place on one Monday afternoon every fortnight, and provide dedicated time for a wide variety of curriculum enrichment activities. The Year 7 boys learned more about the legacy of Lord Leverhulme and the history of the School, while Year 11 were given a talk on Men's Health by Old Boy Dr Alexander Brodie.

Meanwhile, the Year 9 boys met with representatives from the RNLI to hear more about their vital work saving lives at sea. They were able to see a D Class lifeboat and found out about a variety of dramatic rescues from video archive footage.

The Year 13 pupils were also able to talk to Old Boy Michael Yates via a live link with Hong Kong! Speaking directly from the other side of the world, he was able to talk to pupils about his career and his current position as Vice President: Market Strategy and Planning Greater China. Thanks to the live link, the boys were able to ask a number of questions.

Junior Girls' School pupils were also inspired by a visit from an Old Girl. Si├ón Pledger talked to the girls about making decisions in their morning assembly. She discussed the balance she has to strike between training as an athlete and her academic study, and the choices she has made in order to further both of her passions.

At the end of last week, the Year 12 girls enjoyed the Business Enterprise and Skills Training (BEST) Day. This was a wonderful experience for them to stretch their skills while completing a variety of tasks inspired by real business concepts. As well as picking up a lot of helpful hints and tips for the future, the girls had fun working together in teams to see who could come up with the most successful business propositions in the varied workshops.

Younger Girls' Division pupils took advantage of the Societies Fair during the first week of term to find out about the exciting array of lunchtime activities on offer. The School's clubs are a great opportunity for them to get involved and follow their passions.

A group Year 12 and Year 13 pupils interested in running the Girls' Division student newspaper 'The View' were inspired by a visit from local journalist Saiqa Chaudhari, the Education Correspondent at the Bolton News. She was able to give a great insight into the world of journalism, particularly focusing on various good ways to access this career. She also gave some great hints on how to ensure 'The View' succeeds this year.

Recent leaver Ben Welch successfully completed his climbing wall award training during the summer. He was then able to work at a local climbing club during the holidays before heading to university. He first took up climbing as part of the School's outdoor learning programme.

The School has launched an e-book to mark the 100th anniversary of the current Foundation and the 500th anniversary of the school. The Leverhulme Legacy at Bolton School was written by School archivist and Governor Eric Fairweather and traces the impact that three generations of the Leverhulme family have had on Bolton School. The launch date was chosen to coincide with Lord Leverhulme's birthday. The book is now available to purchase on Kindle through Amazon.

The Inspiring Mind for this week is Len Vickers, who attended the School under Headmaster F R Poskitt from 1953 to 1960. His fascinating interview gives a further insight into the life of the School at this time. Read more about the 100 Inspiring Minds project here on the 100/500 Celebration microsite.

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